Our Firm

Eagle & Fein, P.C. was founded in 1964 by Sidney Eagle in New York City. Leon Fein joined the firm in 1971 and focused on providing for the litigation needs of the firm’s clients. Since its inception, Eagle & Fein has focused on meeting the goals and objectives of families and business owners. Providing counseling to clients in the New York City area, Sidney and Leon quickly became known as a family firm that cared about their clients.

In 1981, Leon passed away after a long struggle with cancer. During this time, Sidney promised his long-time partner that he would keep his name part of the firm name as long as possible. This promise endures today as the firm continues to honor Sidney’s promise by preserving the firm name Eagle & Fein.

After serving the New York City area for over twenty years, father and son, Sidney Eagle and Brian Eagle, teamed up to launch the Indianapolis, Indiana office of Eagle & Fein in 1992.

Today, Brian continues the family legal business in Indianapolis, Indiana. The firm continues to be recognized as a firm that cares about their clients by serving families and owners of privately held businesses in Indiana.

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If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to call:  (317) 726-1714.