Our Billing Philosophy

To accomplish our mission, we provide unparalleled counsel, opportunity, and service to clients and their families who like and trust us, just as we like and trust them.

Our commitment to the well-being and growth of our clients and their families is a novel professional paradigm, which requires an equally novel billing approach.

Fees for our services are determined by a thoughtful synergy, which focuses on:

  • Case Complexity
  • Challenge and Effort
  • Uniqueness and Creativity
  • Quality of Results

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Our fee will be quoted to you in advance, where appropriate, after we have had an opportunity to listen and learn, review your personal and financial information, and your legal documents. There are other instances, when it is neither feasible nor appropriate to quote a fee in advance. In these instances, our billing will be on an hourly basis.

With Eagle & Fein, there is a beginning, followed by an enormous commitment to serving a client’s needs. The mutual commitment between our client families and us is based upon trust.

We take great pride in our commitment to serving our clients and their families, and cannot serve them with the intensity our commitment continually requires if we are preoccupied or concerned about reactions to our billings.

We enjoy meaningful and long-standing relationships that leave it to our clients to measure the value of our services. We know intimately the degree of our efforts and caring on behalf of our clients and their families, and believe that only our clients can determine whether or not their value justifies our billings. We expect our clients to pay our fees on a timely basis and to feel good about doing so, just as we feel good about giving our commitments of time, effort, and caring to our clients and their families.

We take our billings seriously, and work hard to make every billing consistent with:

  • Our morality and collective sense of what is intrinsically right:
  • Our responsibility for the well being of every single person and firm connected with the billing at hand.
  • Every standard of professional responsibility.
  • The time and effort expended on behalf of our clients.