Business Succession Planning

The business succession plan outlines the implementation of your goals and objectives for your business in the event of your retirement, disability or death. You put a lot of work and years into your business and we provide counsel to you to ensure your goals and objectives are accomplished. By planning ahead, you ensure that you have control as to what happens to your business in the event of retirement, disability or death. Your plan will allow for a smooth transition of management, control and ownership so that your business can continue to be a success for many generations to come.

Our Process

Initial Consultation

The first step is to meet with you. At this meeting we listen and learn about your needs and goals. Based on what we learn, we can help you develop your goals and objectives and make recommendations to accomplish them. We look at all of your options and determine which one is the best fit for you, your company and your family.

Design Meeting

At the design meeting we present our recommendations and the plan we have mapped out to reach the goals you have for yourself, your family, and your company. Our goal at this meeting is to provide you the confidence that your succession plan is going to allow for a smooth transition that ensures your goals and objectives are met.

Implementation Stage

At this stage our energy is spent ensuring every detail of your plan is implemented as laid out at the design meeting. We work collaboratively with other professionals as needed. We meet with you and go over all documents confirming they are in line with your goals and objectives. We oversee the signing of all documents and address any remaining concerns. We want you to leave our office with confidence that your goals and objectives have been met.

6 Month Meeting

We meet with you approximately six months after the implementation of your plan to verify everything has been executed in accordance with the plan. We use this time to address any concerns and close on any decisions that may have been deferred.

Annual Meeting

We highly encourage you to meet with us annually to focus on what you have accomplished for yourself and your business. At this meeting we:

  • Catch up on changes in the health and well-being of all key members of your company
  • Review the scope of your plan and verify that it is still appropriate
  • Review changes in financial circumstances and to what extent they might alter your plan
  • Update any legal documents for changes in goals or circumstances, technical changes brought about by court decisions, and any document changes recommended by us
  • Discuss any other matters that may require attention

Ongoing Corporate Counsel

After your plan is in place we are here to continue counseling as legal needs arise. We take pride in the close business relationships we have with our clients and look forward to being able to provide for your business.