Business Transactions

Our firm focuses on providing cost efficient solutions to your business’s legal concerns. We are available to provide for you as legal needs arise or on a continuing and reoccurring basis as your “outsourced” corporate counsel. At Eagle & Fein we will take time to gain insight into your business needs and treat your business as if it was part of our family of companies.

Our Process

Preliminary Consultation

The process starts with listening and learning. We want to truly understand and help cultivate the vision and goals that you as the owner have based on what is meaningful and important to you. Only after your objectives have been established do we then consider strategic recommendations.

Strategic Counseling Recommendations

At this phase we are creating the architectural blueprint of your plan. Our team has a full toolbox of transaction experience to put to work for you. This is where we will evaluate solutions that meet your goals and objectives, identify potential concerns and establish strategies that ensure the realization of your vision.

Implementation Phase

The implementation phase allows us to meet with you and go over all documents confirming they are in line with your business goals and objectives. We will oversee the signing of all documents, address any remaining concerns, and counsel your key managers on the necessary implementation steps

On-Going Corporate Counsel Phase

After the transaction we are here to continue counseling as legal needs arise. We take pride in the close business relationships we have with our clients and look forward to being able to provide for your business.