Commercial & Consumer Litigation

At Eagle & Fein, we work with a broad range of litigation matters. Our focus in working with a client is to establish goals early in the case and create a strategy that best achieves those goals in an efficient manner. We want to understand our clients’ objectives and integrate them into the handling of their dispute. We believe that preparing the case in collaboration with our client and maintaining an open line of communication is in the best interest of resolving the dispute as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Our Litigation Services

Commercial & Contract Litigation

We handle all sorts of your commercial and contract litigation. We address your corporation’s legal needs as they may arise related to your business. Cases include:

  • Breach of contract
  • Class actions
  • Employment disputes
  • Business dissolution
  • Interference with business relationships
  • Disputes over non-compete clauses
  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Franchise issues
  • Shareholder issues
  • Partnership disputes
  • Debt collection

Consumer/Retail Collections

Cases include:

  • Skip tracing
  • Asset searches
  • Early out/Cure programs
  • Pre-suit collections
  • Collateral recovery
  • First party collections
  • Demand letter program

Landlord Tenant Disputes & Litigation

  • Lease negotiations and renegotiations
  • Lease disputes
  • Evictions
  • Collection of unpaid rent
  • Other landlord-tenant matters
  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Franchise issues
  • Shareholder issues
  • Partnership disputes

Homeowners Association Litigation

We have experience in representing both homeowners and homeowners associations. We are well versed in the following areas of law applicable to HOAs:

  • Directors duties
  • Assessments
  • HOA Liens
  • Open meetings
  • HOA records
  • Developer turnover
  • Account & attorney’s fees
  • Director elections

We recognize that the costs involved in HOA disputes can be significant and therefore make every effort to resolve disputes short of litigation. In the event litigation becomes necessary, we are prepared to aggressively defend or prosecute the HOA’s claims.

Real Estate Transaction Litigation

  • Review leases
  • Initial quiet title actions to clear titles
  • Attend closings, litigate buy/sell agreement violations
  • Assist with zoning and variance issues, and resolve landlord-tenant disputes

Legal Action Recovery

Cases include:

  • Demand letter program
  • Immediate suit program
  • Post-judgment executions
  • Wage garnishments
  • Bank attachments
  • Filing & renewal of judgment liens
  • Debtor’s exams
  • Creditor’s bills

Employment & Labor Litigation

Cases include:

  • Employment discrimination
  • Wrongful termination litigation
  • Wage and hour defense
  • Union prevention
  • Labor-management relations
  • Unfair competition litigation
  • Consultation and advice on broad range of personal matters
  • Immigration advice

Developing the appropriate strategy to resolve the disputes in a manner that meets the client’s objectives requires a thorough understanding of these dynamics as well as an analysis of the critical documents affecting the parties’ rights.

Shareholder Disputes & Litigation

Closely-held business disputes, if not managed properly, can threaten a company’s health and vitality. A company’s day-to-day operations and its future financial success are often dependent upon resolution of these multi-faceted disagreements between owners. The issues can often be complicated when shareholders also happen to be family members or longtime business partners who work closely together.

Disagreements can arise for any number of reasons including:

  • Succession Planning (or lack thereof)
  • Differences of opinion concerning strategic direction
  • Family animosity
  • Equal financial commitment or “sweat equity” among the owners
  • Incompetence of an owner
  • Disparities in compensation

Our experience extends to representing majority, minority and equal percentage business owners in a variety of closely-held business disputes at every phase. The strategy, leverage and options available to business owners can differ significantly based on their percentage of ownership, their rights as set forth in any applicable documents, their importance to the business and a number of other factors.